Steps Forward since Nutshell #2

Steps Forward since Nutshell #2

There are many good things to report since our last update and much to look forward to. A curricula for a Master of Management degree in the Field of African Philanthropy – set out in Nutshell #2 – is through an internal review and now in the formal pipe line for accreditation. Until approval is given, the content of the degree must be treated as provisional. With this next process taking typically eighteen months, starting in 2018 the degree is planned as a 3 month block-learning format. To minimize travel costs, this design allows students to complete all course requirements in three months, leaving nine months for research and write up.

Funding is available and work is underway with Gideon Boaka and a professional unit within WBS to identify real-life cases from across the continent that can feed the courses and Executive Education offering. I would urge you to suggest possible cases, so ensuring that knowledge and teaching are grounded in Africa’s experiences.

[blockquote text=”Funding is available and work is underway with Gideon Boaka and
a professional unit within WBS to identify real-life cases from
across the continent” show_quote_icon=”yes” text_color=”#0058ad” quote_icon_color=”#0058ad”]

A Communications strategy has included a dedicated page for the Chair on a revamped WBS web site. Work is underway from the page to: (i) expand the information options available; (ii) provide a public blog /
platform facility; (iii) include a calendar where events can be posted with instructions about who can do so and how; (iv) provide links to resources held elsewhere; and (v) ….? I anticipate this all to go live at the end of August. In addition, an e-Fact Sheet has been prepared for circulation to members of the African Association of Business Schools (AABS). This document invites collaboration, particularly in terms of empirical inputs to courses and engaging in outreach with locally tailored Executive Education offerings that will be a major item on my work agenda in the coming months.

Participation and presentations at conferences are starting to profile the Chair as a real entity. There was an opportunity to introduce the Chair to members of the International Society Third Sector Research conference in Stockholm. This led to an invitation by the new editors of the ISTR journal Voluntas to submit an article based on the Foundational Paper. Bheki Moyo and Jacob Mati have agreed to be co-authors. The Annual Conference of the European Foundation Centre in Amsterdam was another opportunity to inform and netwwork about the Chair.

Within Wits, a meeting with the School of Governance (WSG) will move forward into discussions about collaboration in terms of teaching sessions within various Masters Courses. This further step in embeddding the Chair will ensure that socio-political features of the Foundational Paper will benefit from the skills and resources that WSG can bring

Looking ahead

Forthcoming conferences involve an academic paper on North-South power plays in NGO-Business relations and at the UK Development Studies Association. I will participate in the African Philanthropy Forum (APF),meeting in Morocco in October. Please note that the week of 5th December is planned for a workshop
on Building Content of African Philanthropy in collaboration with the Partnership for African Social and Governance Research (PASGR). This event comes after the Global Fund for Community Philanthropy’s meeting to be held in Johannesburg, which will include a ‘launch’ of the Chair. Details are being discussed and ideas are very welcome.

Best wishes
Alan Fowler (Prof)

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